[Coral-List] Classification dilemna

Lester Lambert lesterhl5487 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 8 22:38:36 EST 2004

   I  have  been researching the yellow polyp coral known as Parazoanthus
   gracilis.  However I am not sure what the correct classification is so
   far I know..

   DOMAIN=Eukarya,           KINGDOM=Animalia,           PHYLUM=Cnidaria,
   CLASS=Zoantharia?????,                          ORDER=Zoanthidea?????,
   FAMILY=?????,GENUS=Parazoanthus ,SPECIES=gracilis

   Many  website  have classified the Parazoanthus as scleractinian, hard
   coral,  soft  coral, hexacoral and octocoral!  I believe that they are
   hard  corals  but  I  have no way of checking?  It is important that I
   know  what  classification  the  Zoanthid  belongs to that I can under
   stand its immune system and resistence to disease.

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