[Coral-List] Deep Water Fish ID

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Thu Nov 11 08:01:08 EST 2004

Hi Nick, looks like a pair of short bigeyes, Pristigenys alta. They are 
typically found on deep rocky reefs from 100 - 200m, but can enter shallower 
waters as well. At what depth were they caught and is this picture taken from a 
holding tank of some sort?   Quoting Nicholas Johnson <nick at coralforum.com>:

> I am part of an Online Forum community for the Saltwater Reef Aquarium 
> Hobby.  Recently we had a member post some pictures of some fish that he 
> caught off the Florida coast after Huricane Francis.  They were looking for
> an Identification of these fish.  If anyone would like to take a shot at 
> this the link to the post is:
> http://www.coralforum.com/ftopic4017.html
> Also, as a community, we understand the need for conservation and the 
> problems caused by over harvesting and other practices in the aquarium 
> industry.  If anyone would like to help out on the forum let me know.  We 
> have forums for "Ethics/Conservation/Education" and also "Aquaculture and 
> Propagation"  This would be a good way to help educate people in the 
> saltwater reef aquarium hobby.
> --Nick
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