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shashank Keshavmurthy iamshanky15 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 17 22:10:03 EST 2004

Dear Listers....
To begin with, I have a question.....
Does it make any difference to use 90% Acetone or
100% Acetone to extract chlorophyll form
If yes, how and why.........
If no, then can the equation  for the
caluculation of pigment concentration when
extracted in 100% Acetone can be used to
calculate in the samples extracted using 90%
Acetone ?

I hope someone out there can answer this.....I
will be very greatful for that.....

this was my question....now let me come to the
other point....

sometime back....there were 2 queries about the
analysis of pigment in zooxanthellae, (coral list
message dated, September 23 and October
13.......) did anyone reply to those questions
especially to the question asked by Kevan
Christensen (sept 23).

I am also in need of that answer, and wrote to
Kevan, weather he recieved  any answer to his
question, but no reply and also I did not see any
answers in the list.

I think list is there to help researchers around
the world to solve some really important research
problems and also sometimes share the anwers that
may not be posted on list but sent directly to
the person who asks the question.....

If someone did answer to that question, can they
please forward that mail to me.....I am at
present writing my thesis and I need to know the
answer to Kevan`s question.......

sorry for such a long mail...but I cannot help

Hoping to get answers


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