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Hi, Folks...

   I just thought I'd remind you of the separate list, 
Coral-Literature.  You may join it at 
http://coral.aoml.noaa.gov/mailman/listinfo/coral-literature if you are 
interested.  Attached is the most recent example of a properly formatted 
post.  If you have any recently published manuscripts related to coral 
research, we'd love to have you post at 
coral-literature at coral.aoml.noaa.gov, to preserve format and allow 
easier searching.  It can be a great resource for all of us.

    Jim Hendee
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James Reimer wrote:

>Not exactly coral but zoanthids (still Hexacorallia)
>Title: Reconsidering Zoanthus spp. diversity: molecular evidence of
>conspecifity within four previously presumed species.
>Authors: Reimer JD, Ono S, Fujiwara Y, Takishita K, Tsukahara J.
>Department of Developmental Biology, Faculty of Science, Kagoshima
>University, Korimoto, Japan.
>Abstract: We have conducted the first phylogenetic study to our knowledge of
>Zoanthus in the northern hemisphere by sequencing and analysing the
>mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit 1 (COI) gene. Various unidentified
>Zoanthus specimens and samples of what have been assumed to be four discrete
>species (Z. pacificus, Z. sansibaricus, Z. gnophodes, Z. erythrochloros)
>were collected from four field sites in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. Based
>on our obtained COI gene sequences, all but one of our collected Zoanthus
>samples appear to be conspecific, with nearly 100.00% base pair matching.
>Genetic results are further backed up by collected polyp diameter, tentacle
>count, and mesentary count data. These results indicate a need to reconsider
>and re-analyze current Zoanthus classification and identification. Possible
>reasons for the large morphological variation in the same genotype in
>Zoanthus are also discussed.
>PMID: 15170055 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
>Citation: James Davis Reimer, Shusuke Ono, Yoshihiro Fujiwara, Kiyotaka
>Takishita and Junzo Tsukahara, "Reconsidering Zoanthus spp. diversity:
>molecular evidence of conspecifity within four previously presumed species",
>Zoological Science, Vol. 21, pp. 517-525 (2004).
>The article can be downloaded for free at:

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