[Coral-List] ASLO 2005 Summer Meeting Coral Special Session

Felix Martinez Felix.Martinez at noaa.gov
Tue Nov 23 17:30:06 EST 2004

   Dear Coral-listers,
   NOAA's  Center  for  Sponsored  Coastal  Ocean  Research  is hosting a
   special  session  (Applied  Ecosystem-level  Research to Reverse Coral
   Reef Degradation, SS07) at the next ASLO summer meeting in Spain (June
   19-24,  2005).   Briefly,  the  topic  is  the  use of basic ecosystem
   research  to  address  resource  management  needs  (hence the applied
   aspect).  The session description is as follows:
   "Coral reefs, one of the most complex marine ecosystems, remain poorly
   understood   and   are   under  intense  pressure  from  anthropogenic
   disturbance  against the background of environmental variability. This
   has influenced scientists and resource managers to focus on addressing
   the  suite  of  stressors  that  affect  coral  reef ecosystem health.
   However, the need to devise management strategies has been hampered by
   the  lack of understanding of how coral reef ecosystems function under
   pristine   conditions  much  less  when  disturbed.  The  approach  of
   combining   basic   research   with  applied  objectives  presents  an
   alternative  for  providing  insight  on coral reef ecosystem function
   that  also  informs  resource  managers  when designing and evaluating
   management  strategies  to  stop  and  ultimately  reverse  coral reef
   degradation  due  to human impact. The purpose of this special session
   is  to  provide  an  international  forum  for scientists and resource
   managers  to  1)  provide  examples  of  basic  and  applied  research
   activities  that have management implications; and, 2) share views and
   evaluate the success of such an approach."
   We are encouraging participation from:
   1. academic researchers seeking to understand how coral reef ecosystem
   work, whose results can (or will) inform resource managers when making
   managment decisions and enacting policy; and
   2.  agency  and academic researchers that are engaged in collaborative
   efforts  to  devise  and implement effective management strategies and
   policies through basic research.
   Results  can  range  from  better understanding of specific coral reef
   phenomena to predictive ecosystem models.
   We  are  interested  as  well in exploring the practical value of such
   collaborative  efforts  between  government  agencies and academia, so
   papers  from  both  managers and researchers evaluating the utility of
   these partnerships (both positive and negative) are welcomed.
   The  abstract deadline is February 01, 2005.  Please indicate that you
   are interested in special session SS07.
   For  questions on the topic of the special session please feel free to
   contact  me  at  the  phone  or  e-mail below.  For information on the
   meeting  and sbmitting abstracts, please visit the meeting website at:
   Sincerely,... Felix
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