[Coral-List] Correction to message 11/29 on Gray Literature Corals Available Online

Linda Pikula Linda.Pikula at noaa.gov
Tue Nov 30 10:00:58 EST 2004

        We are the folks behind the scenes for CLEO- collecting and 
scanning gray literature on various areas
  where the CREWS, Coral Reef Early Warning System monitoring stations 
are located.
         We've recently added some additional literature on St. Croix, 
and are working on collecting and
  and scanning literature on our Puerto Rico location.  You can access 
these PDF files at the URL listed below:
       We will gratefully accept  any gray literature on Puerto Rico you 
may want to contribute.

        (NOTE:Yesterday's message included some urls to    
jperez/Desktop - these will NOT work)

                                                   Thanks,  Linda 
Pikula, NOAA Librarian
Barry, U of Miami Grad Student
Perez,  Web Librarian


Dear Coral-Listers,
        The  following  St.  Croix  gray  literature  references  are now
   available  on the Coral, Literature, Education and Outreach (CLEO) Web
   site at,
         This   project   has  been  funded  through  NOAA's  Coral  Reef
   Conservation Program.  I hope you find it  useful.

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