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Derek Manzello derek.manzello at noaa.gov
Wed Sep 1 14:52:02 EDT 2004

In agreement with Ernesto, Diego Lirman and I have seen similar distributions and done some tolerance experiments on Siderastrea radians, Porites furcata and Porites astreoides.  S. Radians seems to be the gold medal champ as far as resilience to extreme conditions (high temps, high sedimentation, highly variable salinity).  We have documented colonies regenerating tissue 2-3 weeks after they were presumed dead due to sediment burial and extreme salinities.  Specifically for P. furcata and S. radians, these guys seem more tolerant to elevated salinities than lowered.  It is quite fascinating where you
can find these corals.  See the refs I have included if you are interested.

Derek Manzello

Manzello D, Lirman D (2003) The photosynthetic reslience of Porites furcata to
    salinity disturbance. Coral Reefs 22: 537-540
Lirman D, Manzello D, Macia S (2002) Back from the dead: the resilience of
    Siderastrea radians to severe stress. Coral Reefs 21: 291-292

EWeil wrote:

> With reference to your question about coral survival at high salinities, I have observed  species like Siderastrea radians, Porites furcata (or a different sp.) P. "branneri" and sometimes P. astreoides, doing well in tide/splash pools formed on rocky and consolidated limestone shores/terraces in Venezuela, Bonaire, Curacao and other Caribbean localities. Not only the salinity gets higher than 42 due to the high evaporation rates, but  temperatures can rise above 35 C sometimes. What is  remarkable is that these species withstand the high variability of these parameters on a daily and seasonal basis.
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