[Coral-List] RE: damselfish tagging (Mati)

Peter McDougall petermcdougall at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 2 15:57:29 EDT 2004

Dear Mati,

Northwest Marine Technologies use a fluorescent elastomer (a couple of 
colours: orange, yellow, red, etc) that is injectable under the scales of 
fish. Very easy to use and low mortality rate.

Frederick J. L. (1997) Evaluation of fluorescent elastomer injection as a 
method for marking small fish. Bull. Mar. Sci. 61: 399-408

Frederick J. L. (1997) Post-settlement movement of coral reef fishes and 
bias in survival estimates. Bull. Mar. Sci. 150: 65-74

I used it on Stegastes diencaeus (small pomacentrid with very dark pigment 
in the adults colour phase) and so needed to inject it just under the 
scales. In lighter pigmented damselfish, however, I have heard that the 
subdermal injection is quite visible. To boot, it is very affordable. A 
trial pack was enough elastomer to tag over 150 fish, and we had a lot left 

Happy tagging!

Peter McDougall
MSc McGill University

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