[Coral-List] Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2004.

Clive Wilkinson clive.wilkinson at impac.org.au
Fri Sep 10 00:37:09 EDT 2004

To Coral Listers: 
We are missing reports on coral bleaching for Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2004.

There will be a chapter on Global Threats to Coral Reefs, with summary information on recovery (or not) after 1998 bleaching; and reports of coral bleaching and mortality from 2000 to 2004.  
We already have information from:  
Fiji - Taveuni (Somosomo Straits), Bligh Water, Lomaivit, Kadavu, 
Tuvalu - Funafuti lagoon, 
Indonesia - Bali Seraya, Tulamben, Permuteran, Tomia, Wakatobi Islands, 
Japan -Ryukyu Islands and Ishigaki Island, 
Marshall Islands, 
Puerto Rico, 
Northern Persian Gulf, and 
However, we lack many other regions. Do you have information from:
Middle East, Eastern Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia and PNG, Polynesia -Southeast Pacific, Micronesia, and Eastern Caribbean or anywhere.  

These will be published in Status 2004 targeted at senior decision makers and politicians, and in ReefBase. 
Please reply to status2004 at impac.org.au and/or c.wilkinson at aims.gov.au
Thank you,
Clive Wilkinson and Jeremy Goldberg 
Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network

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