[Coral-List] Intel and Homework!

James M Cervino cnidaria at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 11 10:56:45 EDT 2004

Dear Lester and any other students on this list that are considering 
Intel Westing-house science projects. 

As a science research student, you must scour the literature first to 
see if in fact these types of questions are answered already.  It is 
very good that you are inquiring about this topic as many on this 
list can help provide you with references, however, always do your 
homework (footwork) first before asking, meaning did you conduct a 
Google search recently to obtain references for some of the questions 
you are asking ?

As a science research student you are also supposed to see if the 
questions are original before conducting such tedious experiments. 
The judges for Intel will know if the topic you are submitting is 
novel and will want to see if you compiled an extensive literature 
search that should be evident in your reference section in your paper.

I will send you some papers directly that may help.


James M. Cervino, Ph.D. Candidate
Invertebrate Physiology & Pathology
Marine Sciences Department
University of South Carolina
Mobile: 917.620.5287
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