[Coral-List] Chlorophyll Calculations

Kevan Christensen kevan_christensen at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 24 00:04:42 EDT 2004

I am working on a project involving coral bleaching in
different species using chlorophyll absorption spectra
analysis. Right now, my mentor and I are struggling to
come up with calculations for the chlorophyll levels.
We have the following information from the samples:
weight of tissue
Absorption spectra (sample was prepared by adding
tissue to 1 ml of 90% acetone solution and then
diluting this 100 microliters sample to 900
microliters distilled water and running through a
spectrophotometer, 1 ml cuvette, with an acetone
I am aware of the Jeffery and Humphrey equations for
this from 1975 but I am unsure how to accomodate these
equations for this data since we do not have a volume
of tissue but rather a weight. Additionally, I am
unsure as to how to account for dilutions. I am also
aware of the Lambert-Beer equation, but as far as I
know this is to be used with an 80% acetone solution
as opposed to 90%. If anyone has
suggestions/procedures for chlorophyll calculations
from the data I have or ways to alter the equations to
account for these data, I would greatly appreciate it.

Kevan Christensen
kevan_christensen at yahoo.com

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