[Coral-List] Symbiosis correction

James M Cervino cnidaria at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 25 07:53:01 EDT 2004

Correction of Publication Error

A correction of a recent paper titled Zooxanthellae regulation in 
Yellow blotch/band and other coral diseases contrasted with 
temperature related bleaching: in-situ destruction vs expulsion by 
James M. Cervino, Raymond Hayes,  Thomas J. Goreau,  and Garriet W. 
Smith is available. 

In the recent Journal of Symbiosis vol 37 proof corrections of 7 
figures did not get completed in the published version, however, we 
now have a PDF of a correct version supplied by the publisher that 
can be forwarded to anyone interested.  VLP diameters were also 
corrected in the figures.

Thanks, James
James M. Cervino, Ph.D. Candidate
Invertebrate Physiology & Pathology
Marine Sciences Department
University of South Carolina
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