[Coral-List] Shoals Rodrigues: Director and Science Co-ordinator Positions

Tom Hooper lapping at intnet.mu
Sat Sep 25 11:49:35 EDT 2004

Below are basic job descriptions for a new Director and Science
Co-ordinator at Shoals Rodrigues. Full details can be found on the
website at 
Shoals Rodrigues is a marine research, training and education
organisation based on the Mauritian Island of Rodrigues in the Western
Indian Ocean. With a local staff of nine people it has completed a range
of research programmes ranging from fisheries to biodiversity, coral
reef monitoring and reserve planning. There is also a popular marine
education and outreach programme for children and fishing communities. 
Start date: January 2004
Salary: The benefits and salary will depend on the qualifications and
experience of the individuals appointed. Potential applicants should
take note that the salary is paid at a competitive local rate.   
Shoals Rodrigues is looking for a new Director to lead its marine
research, education and training programmes. In addition he/she will be
responsible for developing new projects, fundraising, health and safety,
diving operations, publicity and representing the organisation
nationally and internationally.
We are looking for an individual who has the capacity to lead a small
team and to successfully run a marine research and education
organisation. In addition they should be able to maintain good relations
with communities, politicians and other organisations across the region.
They should have excellent project management, presentation,
communication, organisational and leadership skills and flair for
generating publicity and working successfully with the media.  
Applicants should have an MSc in marine science with a minimum of three
years working with conservation and research projects. 
Science Co-ordinator
Shoals Rodrigues is looking to recruit a science coordinator to oversee
its research programmes. He or she will be able to develop new research
programmes and effectively work with research assistants and visiting
scientists to ensure a consistently high quality of data collection and
reporting. In addition they are expected to develop proposals for new
research activities and produce reports for long term monitoring
programmes. Their responsibilities also include working effectively with
visiting scientists for the development and implementation of their
research projects and also to liaise with fishers, government and
non-government personnel in the implementation of research projects and
effectively communicate results and progress of research work. 
Applicants should have an MSc or Phd in marine biology with tropical
specialisation; At least one year's field experience in fisheries
assessment and/or ecosystem monitoring; A recognised diving
qualification equivalent to PADI Rescue diver or above; Experience in
writing funding proposals and reports. 
Tom Hooper,
Shoals Rodrigues,
Pointe Monier,
Port Mathurin,
Tel: 00 230 831 1225
Fax: 00 230 831 0287
Web: http://www.shoals-rodrigues.org

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