[Coral-List] Brooding Coral Taxonomy

Robert W. Buddemeier buddrw at kgs.ku.edu
Tue Sep 28 12:24:17 EDT 2004

I'm replying to the list, since I think the answer may be of interest to 
others as well as Ian.

One of the 'resources available today' is the website "Hexacorallians of 
the World" (http://hercules.kgs.ku.edu/hexacoral/anemone2/index.cfm).  
If you do a taxonomic search there you will find both A. corymbosa and 
G. aspera. 

The absence of the other two names is not conclusive, since 
"Hexacorallians" is essentially 100 % complete only for the Actiniaria; 
we are still expanding and refining the scleractinian coverage.  Also, 
it should be noted that "literature cited" listings are limited to the 
taxonomic literature in which species are described or redescribed; it 
does not cover the myriad publications on ecology, physiology, etc. etc.

Still, a little new information is probably better than none.

Bob Buddemeier

Ian Lundgren wrote:

>I'm trying to build a list of brooding corals species on Guam in order
>to isolate the identity of coral recruits from settlement plates
>during non-spawning months. Also to maximize effort in settling out
>species in aquaria in order to build a reference library of coral
>recruit morphology... or at least as much as possible (as per Babcock,
>et al 2003).
>However, the suggested best reference for this information seems to be:
>1997. Life and death of coral reefs / Charles Birkeland, editor.
>Chapter 8, by Robert Richmond: Reproduction and Recruitment in Corals.
>In Table 8.1 0f this publication Richmond states that the folowing
>species are brooding corals on Guam:
>Acropora corymbosa
>Acropora palauensis
>Galaxea aspera
>Goniopora queenslandia
>I suspect that taxonomic reorganization has renderred these species
>names outdated, therefore no record of them exists on the resources
>available today. Neither can I find a record of taxonomic
>Does anyone know what happened to these corals?
>ianlundgren at gmail.com
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