[Coral-List] Acropora flatworm pest

TDWYATT at aol.com TDWYATT at aol.com
Wed Sep 29 21:15:52 EDT 2004

Is the one of the scoel flatworms?  There is a product that has little if any 
toxicity for corals, yet wil be problematic for most of the cleanup crew or 
any vvertebrates in the system.  P5oduct itself may not be the problem, rather 
substances released by the flatworms as they dioe.  an a1quarium product by 
Salifert callted latworm Exit or just Exit, dunno if the specie of flatworm 
makes a difference, I don't know if it is specie specific or a general flatworm 
cure.  Check threads on the website www.reefcentral.com, used with success in 
aquaria systems, very specific set of instructions for use.


Tom Wyatt
tdwyatt at aol.com

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