[Coral-List] Privately managed coral reefs

Erik Stabenau Erik.Stabenau at noaa.gov
Fri Apr 1 10:20:15 EST 2005

For whatever reason, the following posting was not being posted to the coral-list server.  I have posted it for Patrik.  Please respond to him directly, at the e-mail address provided - do not send your response to me.

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I'm working on a PhD researching how effectively hotels and resorts can manage no-take zones in the tropical area with regards to increasing fish abundance and biomass etc. At the moment I am trying to find hotels worldwide which have closed off an area of coastline from fishing (e.g. their housereef) and are managing it themselves. If you know of any such hotels or resorts please contact me.

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Patrik Svensson
University of Plymouth
patrik.svensson at plymouth.ac.uk

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