[Coral-List] zooxanthellae counts from histological sections

Nicole Patten npatte10 at scu.edu.au
Sun Apr 10 22:35:15 EDT 2005

Dear coral listers,
I would very much like to hear from scientists who have obtained 
zooxanthellae counts from histological sections. I have 1um toludine blue 
stained sections that I have prepared from Acropora sp. which I want to use 
to determine zooxanthellae abundances. The few papers I have regarding 
methodology for this are from the 1990s and have used calibrated microtomes 
to manually count zooxanthellae in a calculated area of the gastrodermis. I 
am aware that there are now image analysis programs that are available for 
this type of work though I am not having any luck finding the names of such 
programs (or recent papers that have used such methods). I would appreciate 
any information you can share. Please contact me directly on my email address,
Thanks in advance

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