[Coral-List] Sri Lanka Info

Steve LeGore slegore at mindspring.com
Thu Apr 14 12:30:49 EDT 2005

Hello Everyone,
I hope to soon be involved in assisting development and implementation of
tsunami recovery programs on the east coast of Sri Lanka, centered on
Ampara District.  I am therefore seeking knowledgeable contacts in Sri
Lanka familiar with the area’s fisheries, including fishing methods and
their effectiveness, fisheries infrastructure, fish populations, etc.;
marine ornamental fisheries; coastal zone resources and habitats; coastal
ecology; and coastal aquaculture including ornamentals.  Contacts in
government, academia, and within the fishing and aquaculture industries
would all be helpful.
I would greatly appreciate your help in identifying such individuals and
their contact coordinates.  We will have assistance there, of course, but I
am always fearful of failing to identify key people who may not be
acquainted with our contacts.  I will be grateful for any and all
Thank you,
Steve LeGore

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