[Coral-List] Use of Germanium Oxide to Control Diatom Growth

B.Thompson osp02a at bangor.ac.uk
Sat Apr 23 07:45:14 EDT 2005


I am doing some research using the tropical anemone Aiptasia
sp. and am having some problems with diatom growth in my aquaria.  I am
aware that adding very small quantities of Germanium Dioxide (0.0005g/l)
to the water can inhibit diatom growth, however I'm concerned that it
may also affect the populations of zooxanthellae.

I would be grateful to hear from anybody who has experience of
using Germanium Dioxide for this purpose, or who can suggest another
method for reducing diatom growth.


B.Thompson         osp02a at bangor.ac.uk
PhD Candidate
School of Ocean Sciences
University of Wales, Bangor

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