[Coral-List] Photos Document Robust Coral Growth

JEFFREY J HOUDRET houdret1 at verizon.net
Tue Aug 2 11:25:13 EDT 2005

New Photos Document Robust Coral Growth Using Electrolysis in Bali,


Karang Lestari Bali, Indonesia is a unique community-based coral restoration
project that applies BiorockT Technology, utilizing voltage electricity, to
dramatically increase coral growth and resistance to environmental stresses.

While restoring reef habitats to their natural beauty, the Bali project has
increased fisheries for ecotourism and economic development. Karang Lestari
now is one of the world's largest coral restoration projects in the world
and has won a number of prestigious, international awards. 


A new collection of excellent photographs by James Cervino are now available
for viewing on line. These photos document the robust coral of the Karang
Lestari project.


See:    http://globalcoral.org/photo_galleries.htm

            http://www.globalcoral.org <http://www.globalcoral.org/> 





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