[Coral-List] sea urchins

Osmar Luiz Junior osmarjljr at terra.com.br
Mon Aug 8 20:47:02 EDT 2005

Regarding the issue of Diadema antillarum..  I will be very pleased if 
someone could inform to me what are the southernmost record for this 
echinoderm in the Atlantic ocean..

Osmar Luiz Jr.

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> Hello all,
> I'm beginning a study on Patterns of recruitment for the urchin Diadema
> antillarum in Martinique. I only found one paper describing juveniles
> collectors (Bak,1985. Recruitment patterns and mass mortalities in the sea
> urchin Diadema antillarum) which I'm actually experiencing. Any other
> reference would be greatly appreciated.
> Besides, I ve been trying to make an inventory of urchins in Martinique 
> and
> despite my tremendous willingness and abnegation, I fail in finding some
> species alive. I've been looking for Echinoneus cyclostomus for months if
> it's not years. If anybody knows in which kind of habitat to find it, 
> please
> let me know.
> sincerely,
> Sophie Brugneaux
> Manager
> Marine Environment Observatory of Martinique
> 7 avenue Condorcet
> 97200 Fort de France (French West Indies)
> ommm at wanadoo.fr
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