[Coral-List] AGU Ocean Sciences Special Session: Hydrodynamics of Coral Reefs and Rocky Shores

Geno Pawlak pawlak at hawaii.edu
Thu Aug 18 16:50:56 EDT 2005

We would like to encourage you to submit abstracts to a special session 
on "Hydrodynamics of Flows on Coral Reefs and Rocky Shores" at the 
upcoming 2006 AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting in Honolulu.
Abstracts can be submitted online at:  
https://submissions6.agu.org/submission/entrance.asp - the deadline for 
submission is October 20th.

Full submission guidelines can be found on the AGU Web site on the 2006 
Ocean Sciences Meeting page, http://www.agu.org/meetings/os06/

Session Description:

Hydrodynamic processes play a key role in the functioning of shallow 
nearshore ecosystems. This session will focus on flows over coral reefs, 
in and through kelp forests, and over the rough topography that 
characterizes many nearshore environments other than beaches. Flows in 
these regions are strongly influenced in unique ways by tides, surface 
waves, buoyancy inputs, turbulence, and interactions with biotic 
structures like corals or kelp. Presentations emphasizing biophysical 
interactions are especially encouraged, as are ones that make 
comparisons of different kinds of systems in an effort to elucidate the 
basic physics of these complex flows.


Stephen Monismith
Stanford University
monismith at stanford.edu

Geno Pawlak
University of Hawaii
pawlak at hawaii.edu

Geno Pawlak
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Dept. of Ocean and Resources Engineering
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