[Coral-List] Jobs wanted!

Marianne Gilbert marianne2 at ekit.com
Tue Aug 23 14:45:32 EDT 2005

Hello fellow listers!

We are two Canadian Marine Biologists (MSc.) looking for work 
opportunities, ideally in the same area. We hope to tap into the 
network of the Coral List to get to opportunities that are seldom 
advertised. We recently returned to Canada after a 1-year trip around 
the world, and are currently situated in Vancouver, Canada but will 
relocate to wherever there is an interesting opportunity for work. We 
are most interested in positions with a large field component (e.g., 
consultant, researcher, field project manager, naturalist, fishery 
observer), however we will gladly consider any opportunities 
presented to us. Here is a brief summary of our qualifications:

Marianne Gilbert (mariannegilbert at ekit.com)

- MSc. Biology, McGill University (2003) on Moray Eel Ecology in 
- Extensive experience conducting visual censuses of fishes and 
corals (Barbados, Samoa), training and supervising assistants  
- P
 ADI Dive Master (in progress), 260 dives 
- Extensive use of small motor boats
- Experience of living at sea for extended periods (3+ weeks, on 
research vessel and sailboat) and in remote areas/developing countries
- First Aid & CPR trained (2005) 
- Use of telemetry/GPS/Sonar (Lotek, Vemco, Garmin)
- Extensive use of statistical analyses and basic GIS experience
- Fluent in English, French and basic Spanish
- Worked as a hostess/deckhand/naturalist on sailboats in Australia
- Strong interest for coral reef ecology, conservation, education and 
community outreach 

Michael Browne (michael.browne at ekit.com)

- MSc. Biology, University of New Brunswick (2004) on Sturgeon 
Reproduction and Ecology.
- PADI Dive Master (in progress), 100 dives 
- Extensive use of small motor boats
- Experience with underwater visual censuses
- First Aid & CPR trained (2005) 
- Use of telemetry/GPS (Lotek, Vemco, Garmin)
- Fluent in English, French and bas
 ic Spanish
- Extensive computer experience (Imaging, statistical, databases)
- Experience living abroad, and in developing countries for prolonged 
periods of time
- Interests in conservation, education, restoration of damaged 
ecosystems, fisheries systems (mostly riverine species)

Please let us know if you just happen to need people (1 or 2) with 
similar qualifications to fill a position! We’ll be happy to send you 
a complete cv to whoever is interested. We are available to start 
work from early October.


Marianne Gilbert & Michael Browne


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