[Coral-List] fish deaths

diannewilson dianne at vincysurf.com
Tue Aug 23 17:01:50 EDT 2005


Two years ago this month, just as the reefs around Mustique were beginning what was to be a 3 month bleaching event, we started to see dead grazers like Surgeon fish, Tangs, Sergeant Major's etc.  Over a three or 4 week period, thousands of fish washed up.  It ended after 2 intense weeks.  The lab in St Vincent tested the fish and reported they had Strep.

Today, we found our first two dead fish.  We immediately put them in the freezer.  There are not proper facilities here to test these samples, so if there is any interest, I am happy to send these fish on (if at all practical).  If anyone would like further observations, please let me know.



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