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Lea Hollingsworth LeaLH at hawaii.rr.com
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I believe the reference you're looking for is:

Johannes, R.E. and Wiebe, W.J. (1970) A method for determination of coral 
tissue biomass and composition. Limnology and Oceanography 21: 540-547.

Lea L. Hollingsworth

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> Hello,
>    I am currenly writing up procedures for a small
> coral study I just completed. I was informed by a
> colleague of the "Water Pik" method to separate coral
> from tissue and I used that. Is this method now
> considered "common knowledge" in the field of coral
> reef research? I have seen it used in a couple other
> articles and there is no citation or reference to who
> first came up with the technique. Is it ok to go ahead
> and also not reference it in my paper? If so, I am
> sorry for the bothersome e-mail, if not I could use
> help finding the original reference. Thanks.
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