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Atlantic Hurricane Season Ends and Sets All Time Record With 26 Named 

(Image available for use with no restriction - see below)

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Record number of tropical storms and hurricanes for the 2005 Atlantic  
storm season.
With the end of the Atlantic storm season on November 30th, a record 26  
tropical storms and hurricanes were named. Never before has a season  
exhausted the prepared list of tropical storm and hurricane names and  
had to resort to the Greek number system. Recent studies have observed  
that the proportion and number of intense hurricanes has increased  
since the mid 1970s, and that these changes have occurred in tandem  
with a rise in sea surface temperature. Some scientists have suggested  
that the present global warming trend and resulting change in sea  
surface temperature will yield more destructive hurricanes, hence,  
increased damage to coastal infrastructure and marine ecosystems. In  
total 2,823 human lives were lost and approximately $214 billion worth  
of damage was caused by this season?s tempests.

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Photo credits*: EUMESTAT, GOES, NASA Earth Observatory, NOAA and Naval  
Research Lab.
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Supplemental Atlantic Hurricane Season Information:
A) Breakdown of all 26 tropical storms and hurricanes:
  There were 13 classified hurricanes and 13 tropical storms:
      Category 1: Nate, Ophelia, Philippe, Stan and Vince
      Category 2: Irene
      Category 3: Maria and Beta
      Category 4: Dennis and Emily
      Category 5: Katrina, Rita and Wilma

  >Tropical Storms:
      Arlene, Bret, Cindy, Franklin, Gert, Harvey, Jose,
      Lee, Tammy, Alpha, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon

B) Previous record of 21 Atlantic storms in one season was set in 1933.

C) The World Health Organization estimated that global warming and  
precipitation trends due to anthropogenic climate change over the past  
30 years claimed 150,000 lives each year. WHO predicts this number will  
double over the next 30 years if the trend continues. (The World Health  
Organization. The World Health Report 2002 WHO, Geneva, 2002)

Recent studies:
? Webster, P.J., G. J. Holland, J. A. Curry, and H.-R. Chang, 2005:  
Changes in Tropical Cyclone Number, Duration, and Intensity in a  
Warming Environment, Science, 309 (5742), 1844-1846.

? Emanuel, K. A., 2005: Increasing destructiveness of tropical cyclones  
over the past 30 years. Nature, 436, 686-688.

? Patz J.A., D Campbell-Lendrum, T Holloway, J A. Foley. Impact of  
regional climate change on human health. Nature 438, 310-317 (17 Nov  

? Hunt, J.C.R. and TU Delft, 2005: Inland and coastal flooding:  
developments in prediction and prevention. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A. 363,  
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