[Coral-List] Job Seekers

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Thu Dec 8 08:42:53 EST 2005


    As you know, job opportunities in coral and other marine research
are occasionally posted on coral-list, and it is a great personal reward
when people tell me that coral-list has helped them land a job.  That's
why I am a little ambivalent about the flip-side of the coin:  job
seekers posting their desires for employment on coral-list.  On the one
hand, there aren't that many jobs posted; on the other hand, there are
lots of folks out there looking for work and we all know how painful it
is to be out of work.  Yet I fear that coral-list might possibly become
overloaded with job-seeker's posting of resumes, while the majority of
subscribers can't do much to help.  So, unless there is a great hue and
cry, I'm afraid I'll have to ask that personal job resumes not be posted
to the list.


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