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See attached:
T. R. McClanahan, J. Maina, C. J. Starger, P. Herron-Perez,  E. Dusek
Detriments to post-bleaching recovery of corals. Coral Reefs (2005) 24:

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Barbara Ramos asked:

Does anyone could help me to find references of researches who had shown
that no take areas can reverse a decline in corals diversity or in the
number of coral spats?

See the citations below - you can also search them in the MPA Virtual
Library in order to see abstracts:
MPA Virtual Library

1) Chadderton, L. (et al.), "DOC marine management in Fiordland, with
special reference to red coral and crayfish in Te Awaatu Channel marine
reserve", New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 35, 4
(September 2001): 660.

2) Chiappone, Mark (et al.), Coral Reef Conservation in Marine Protected
Areas: A Case Study of Parque Nacional del Este, Dominican Republic.
Arlington, VA: The Nature Conservancy, Caribbean Division, 2001.

3) "Caribbean Marine Protected Areas: Practical Approaches to Achieve
Economic and Conservation Goals: Proceedings of a Symposium at the
Fifty-Fourth Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute Symposium, Turks
and Caicos, November 2001".  Special issue of Gulf and Caribbean Research
14, 2 (March 2003).

4) Jennings, S., "Cousin Island, Seychelles: a small, effective, and
internationally managed marine reserve," Coral Reefs 17, 2 (1998): 190.

5) Jones, Geoffrey P. (et al.), "Coral decline threatens fish biodiversity
in marine reserves," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101, 21
(May 25, 2004): 8251-8253.

6) Munro, J.L., "Outmigration and movement of tagged coral reef fish in a
marine fishery reserve in Jamaica," Proceedings of the Fifty-First Annual
Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute.  North Fort Pierce, FL: Gulf and
Caribbean Fisheries Institute, 2000 (pp. 557-568)

7) Russ, G. R. and A.C. Alcala, "Marine reserves: rates and patterns of
recovery and decline of predatory fish, 1983-2000," Ecological Applications
13, 6 (2003): 1553-1565.

8) Tupper, Mark and Francis Juanes, "Effects of a marine reserve on
recruitment of Grunts (Pisces: Haemulidae) at Barbados, West Indies,"
Environmental Biology of Fishes 55, 1/2 (June 1999): 53-63.

9) Watson, M. and J.L. Munro, "Settlement and recruitment in moderately
exploited and overexploited Caribbean ecosystems: implications for marine
protected areas," Fisheries Research 69, 3 (October 2004): 415-425.

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