[Coral-List] Data on 2005 Caribbean Bleaching and Reef Check/GCRMN

Reef Check Headquarters rcinfo at reefcheck.org
Thu Dec 8 15:29:09 EST 2005

As a long-term partner with NOAA and ReefBase, we would like to encourage all Reef Check teams in affected areas to carry out surveys so that we can track this bleaching event. Please note that the majority of the information requested for the NOAA Caribbean Bleaching Data Form is already collected as part of a standard Reef Check survey (www.reefcheck.org/methods/instructions.asp). To enhance our data collection efforts specifically for the bleaching event, please note the following:

1) Please add the additional parameters listed below to your RC surveys when possible.
2) Try to do a full RC survey now and after the bleaching has subsided using a marked "permanent" transect.
3) Follow the normal procedures for data submission to Reef Check at
rcdata at reefcheck.org and we will provide the data to NOAA as well as placing these on our WRAS GIS database (where everyone can see them) -- a joint effort of ReefBase/ReefCheck www.reefcheck.org/datamanagement

Additional Reef Check parameters for special Bleaching and Post-Bleaching Surveys:

During Bleaching
1) What temperature measuring device (standard or lab grade thermometer or data logger)
2) What was maximum water temperature during bleaching, and date of max water temperature
3) Were any photos/video taken? Yes/No
4) List coral genera bleached.
5) Have you tagged any individual corals for tracking over time? Yes/No
6) If no Coral Watch (www.coralwatch.org) color cards available, was the max bleaching state "pale" or completely white?

1) Any new algal growth on corals that died due to bleaching? Yes/No
2) Have formerly bleached corals completely regained their color? Yes/No
3) Have formerly bleached colonies had an increase in disease following bleaching? Yes/No

Thanks for your help in tracking this important event.

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