[Coral-List] Re: Job Seekers

Michael Risk riskmj at univmail.cis.mcmaster.ca
Fri Dec 9 13:42:51 EST 2005

Jim (and colleagues):

I hesitate to enter this discussion, being long past the job-seeking
state. Nonetheless:

I don't think people realise how much extra work you do, maintaining
the -list. Personally., if you say "this is too much work for me", that
should end the discussion-except for those volunteering to help you run
it. Ideally, the -list should function as a forum for the exchange of
ideas, not a job market. And the argument that "a simple press of the
Delete key" solves the problem is nothing short of fatuous. Were that
the case, we would not complain about spam.

Having said all that: the annoyance caused by job-seekers posting their
CV's is nothing compared to that caused by those who are unable to tell
"Reply" from "Reply to all."

Merry Christmas to all.


On Fri, 09 Dec 2005 11:05:54 -0500
 "Jim Hendee" <Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov> wrote:
> Sheesh, I didn't mean the job postings are junk mail!  I meant when
> you
> set up a list, you get lots of wonderful new junk mail from the spam
> vermin.
> Okay, I'm feeling like Scrooge over here now...So if you are looking
> for
> a new job in coral research  (only, please!), post a link to your
> resume
> or brief description and we'll see how things go for the month of
> December.  After that I may ask for feedback and see what everybody's
> altitude is. 
> I've been told by my detractors that a simple press of the Delete Key
> is
> all that is needed if the subscribers don't like the postings, so if
> you're going to post a resume, please put some identifying marker in
> the
> subject line (say, "Looking for Gel Electrophoresis Work in
> Acroporids,"
> or maybe "Need Coral Job in Bali," or some such).
>     Merry Christmas!
>     Jim
> Jim Hendee wrote:
> >Friends & Colleagues,
> >
> >    Like I said in my original message, spiritually I'm behind the
> >unemployed.  If somebody in NOAA wants to moderate a "coral-jobs"
> list,
> >I'd be happy to consider setting it up on our server and let you try
> >your hand at it.  I'm afraid the traffic behind-the-scenes that has
> to
> >be moderated is too much for me at the present.  If you're prepared
> to
> >moderate and delete up to 50 or more junk messages/day, drop me a
> line
> >and we'll discuss it.
> >
> >    Cheers,
> >    Jim
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