[Coral-List] On job seekers and other list uses

Felix Martinez Felix.Martinez at noaa.gov
Fri Dec 9 14:57:59 EST 2005

I agree with Jim's initial assessment that the list is not the proper 
venue for job seeking.  There are plenty of job lists and websites that 
can be visited when one is seeking a position whether permanent or 

A more fundamental question is what are proper uses for a listserve.  It 
is my impression that listserves have become an outlet for the 
unmotivated.  We see all to frequently postings asking for information 
or references on a subject that could have easily been found by using 
any of the commonly available literature search engines or even Google!

Listserves such as Coral-list are best suited for:
- the exchange of, and request for, information that is not easily 
available (e.g., books and articles that are rare or no longer in print, 
unpublished data on a specific topic, etc.)
- the exchange of timely information (e.g., upcoming workshops and 
conferences, unusual or important events in the field, etc.
- the exchange of ideas (e.g., discussion of novel topics, hypothesis, etc.)
- timely recruitment (i.e., potential employers posting vacant positions 
that need to be filled quickly)

I am sure there are others but the basic point is that lists are best 
for things that are hard to find, that are of a timely fashion, and for 
the free and easier exchange (i.e., discussion) of ideas.

Finally, why should we be considerate when we post things?  Because it 
does take time to moderate a listserve and typically moderators do not 
do this as their "paid" job.  They do it out of their own interest and 
love for the topic of the listserve.


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