[Coral-List] re: job listings and resumes

steve tooze stevetooze1 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 12 05:31:39 EST 2005

Dear Jim

I think it would be a shame to bar people from posting resumes on the site. 
I did it myself about two months ago and was astonished and actually quite 
moved by the stream of positive suggestions, offers and messages of support 
that I received from Coral Listers all over the world. One reply finally led 
via a meeting with a great group of people in the Dutch Antilles to a 
fantastic work opportunity that I'll be taking up in January.
As an outsider and newcomer, I was struck by the sense of camaraderie and 
support I encountered. Very different from the fear, loathing and rabid 
competitiveness of many other professions. I think that's something to be 
encouraged, not curtailed. After all, no-one is obliged to read a resume 
listing - and I personally find it fascinating and useful to know who's out 
there, with what qualifications, looking for what job. It's a reality check 
on my own hopes and ambitions.

all the best

Steve Tooze

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