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Mon Dec 12 07:42:07 EST 2005

I must also agree with keeping the resume postings.  Reading other's CV's
and resumes has served many undergrads an education about how to write them.

Most people on the list don't even realize what kind of "real world"
education they are providing.  I have been a member on this list since
before I started at my university and I cannot possibly stress to you all
how integral this list has been in supplementing my education.  I have had
many "ah-ha!" moments pertaining to this list and the people here in the
last year since I have been back in school.

Please keep the CV's and resumes coming.  Just as others have stated, it is
good to know what skills others have.  There may be an undergrad out there
that may not know about all of the opportunities that are out there waiting
for him/her.  CV's and resumes help all of us.  Further, you never know if
there is another person out there, lurking, who is struggling with the
decision to go back to school at all.  The camaraderie found here may help
someone else with that decision.

Thank you Coral-list.  For all that you have done and are presently doing.

Trish Hunt
(still a) Student

"I happen to believe in science.  Science is my friend.  Science doesn't let
me down."

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Dear Jim

I think it would be a shame to bar people from posting resumes on the site. 
I did it myself about two months ago and was astonished and actually quite 
moved by the stream of positive suggestions, offers and messages of support 
that I received from Coral Listers all over the world. One reply finally led

via a meeting with a great group of people in the Dutch Antilles to a 
fantastic work opportunity that I'll be taking up in January.
As an outsider and newcomer, I was struck by the sense of camaraderie and 
support I encountered. Very different from the fear, loathing and rabid 
competitiveness of many other professions. I think that's something to be 
encouraged, not curtailed. After all, no-one is obliged to read a resume 
listing - and I personally find it fascinating and useful to know who's out 
there, with what qualifications, looking for what job. It's a reality check 
on my own hopes and ambitions.

all the best

Steve Tooze

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