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Dear All,

This is an outdated announcement as the deadline for submission of
applications were on 16th Sept 2001.

Has this deadline been revised?

And also nothing is mentioned regarding the salary?

Please advise.

Thank you.

Have  a nice day.


Ranjeet Bhagooli, PhD.

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  Apologies for cross postings


  Vacant Position: Technical Advisor (TA)
  Project: Conservation Management of Eritrea's Coastal, Marine and
  Island Biodiversity (Project ERI/97/G31)
  Duration: Two year full-time position
  Contract type: Appointment of Limited Duration (ALD) (One year
  contract to start, extendable for second year based on performance)

  Duty Station: Massawa, Eritrea
  Start-date: as soon as possible

  Project Background

  The objective of the project is to ensure the conservation and
  sustainable use of the globally significant biodiversity of
  Eritrea's coastal, marine and island (CMI) ecosystems. These are
  currently threatened by the rapid development of fisheries, tourism
  and oil exploration. The project will facilitate sustainable
  development of the CMI resources, through a participatory
  management framework, establishment of conservation areas and
  species programs, an operational information system, and increased
  public awareness of the needs and benefits of CMI biodiversity.

  Technical Advisor qualifications

  The Technical Advisor (TA) will be a senior international technical
  expert with a second degree in Biological or Natural Resources
  Sciences. The TA will have strong record of scholarly publications
  and extensive experience in the acquisition, assimilation and
  synthesis of information relevant to CMI biodiversity assessment
  and management, preferably in the Red Sea region. A good working
  knowledge in the application of RS/GIS techniques in tropical ICZM,
  computer skills, a valid driving license and SCUBA certification
  are essential attributes. The person will have a demonstrative
  ability to network and work in close collaboration with others.

  Terms of Reference

  Under the overall supervision of the National Project Manager, and
  in close collaboration with the National Implementing Agency, the
  Project Coordinating, Planning and Implementation Committee (PCPIC)
  and UNDP, the TA will be responsible for providing technical
  oversight, guidance, leadership and supervision to the project. The
  TA will serve full-time for a period of two years, with the option
  for discontinuation after the first year. The Duty Station will be
  Massawa, Eritrea. The schedule of duties for the TA is as follows:

  1. Lead responsibility for providing oversight, guidance and
  supervision for technical components of the overall CMI Framework

  2. Act as the technical focal point for national, regional and
  international integration and coordination in this project, and as
  requested by the NPM, National Implementing Agency and PCPIC,
  represent the project at the technical level and provide expert

  3. Performing training needs assessments through routine
  evaluations and appraisals of the technical capacity of project
  staff and national partners to implement project activities. Based
  upon these assessments, identify and coordinate with relevant
  national and international institutions in the development of
  appropriate in-situ and ex-situ training programmes, seminars and
  short courses, in consultation with the NPM and National
  Implementing Agency.

  4. In consultation with the NPM, National Implementing Agency,
  PCPIC, UNDP and UNOPS, draft detailed clear TORs and contracting
  mechanisms for activities to be undertaken by the collaborating
  institutions and individual consultants and trainers, and monitor
  and supervise the fulfillment of contractual obligations.

  5. Providing backstopping and overall supervision for the practical
  implementation of technical components of the project's field
  responsibilities, including logistical and safety considerations,
  and providing oversight for data management and synthesis (GIS).

  6. Creating and maintaining technical linkages and partnerships
  with relevant national, regional and international groups.

  7. Establishing a website to promote the project internationally
  and provide a forum through which to share information and ideas.

  8. Providing guidance in the search for technical information,
  reference literature and data relevant to the project, coordinating
  the establishment of a metadata base of this information.

  9. Assisting the NPM with the organization of national workshops
  and other fora to promote coordination for biodiversity protection.

  10. Advising and assisting the NPM with the procurement,
  maintenance and upgrading of technical items of project equipment.

  11. Assisting the NPM with the preparation of Annual Work Plans and
  budget reviews, and the preparation of project reports.
  12. Lead responsibility for compilation of technical reports and
  publications, including reviewing those submitted by contracted
  individual consultants and collaborating institutions.

  13. Undertaking the preparation, coordination and monitoring of
  study-tours and fellowships.

  14. Advising the National Implementing Agencies on issues relating
  to the project and their regional and international significance.

  15. Undertaking other relevant duties as directed by the NPM,
  National Implementing Agency and PCPIC.

  Please mail, fax or E-mail your cover letter and full CV by 16
  September 2001 to:

  United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)
  Attention: Ms. Katherin Topar-Michon, Portfolio Manager
  Division for Environmental Programmes
  United Nations Office for Project Services
  The Chrysler Building, 405 Lexington Avenue
  New York, NY 10174
  Fax: (212) 457 4044
  E-mail: katherintm at unops.org
  Ref: ERI/97/G31 - Technical Advisor

  Please note that:

  * Applications received after the closing date will not be
  * Only those candidates that are short-listed for interviews will be

  This E-mail and any attachments are private, intended solely for
  the use of the addressee. If you are not the intended recipient,
  they have been sent to you in error: any use of information in
  them is strictly prohibited.

  The employer reserves the right to monitor the content of
  the message and any reply received.

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