[Coral-List] Re: A note from the job seekers

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Tue Dec 13 07:30:38 EST 2005


    Believe me, I've been there.  I've had some tough times, too (e.g.,
driving a cab in Alaska in winter for $20 a night, while trying to
support a family, etc.).  But enough of my stories (I have much
worse)--we all have some.   I am herewith posting your message so others
can see your plight and get your word out, as promised.

    I wish you well...and keep the faith!


P.S.  I appreciate everybody giving me their thanks for managing the
list, etc., but please stop!  You're embarrassing me when I have to
"approve" such messages for circulation that congratulate me! 

Cassandra Szeleski wrote:

> I am usually a quiet reader of the coral list, but today a nerve has
> been struck. Jim, I would like to say that I understand your point and
> I appreciate that you are allowing resumes to be posted through out
> the month of December, and I would like to say thank you. I would also
> like to ask if you could forward this message as to show the
> desperation of many of us out there in the world. I am...or should I
> say, I hope, to someday become a Marine Biologist. I hold a bachelors
> and a masters degree in the sciences. This list gave me the hope that
> I may be able to accomplish my dream someday. Now I see that people
> are against the posting of job searches or resume postings. Alot of
> the people on this listing are already accomplished in their dreams,
> now think of how many there are still out there hoping that they can
> have the same chance. I've been through college, I've been through the
> research and studies, just as so many of us have. We've spent the
> money, time and effort, and what do we have to show for it?  Many of
> us, "scientists" are working in fields we shouldn't be, trying to make
> ends meet.  I work in a water lab and a bar as a bartender. Is this
> what I went to college for? Is this what I struggled so hard for? All
> we want is a chance to try and obtain that job we wanted for so long. 
> We all could have been accountants, or went into the buisness courses
> in college, but no, we struggled through all of the science courses
> and research and papers to try and make our world just a little bit
> better. There are web sites for job searches, I've been to all of
> them. Do you know what they offer?  They offer jobs in a place far
> from our homes, with no relocation help to pay us merely $7-$10 an
> hour!  We can make more than that working at McDonalds. I don't say
> that because it sounds good, I say that because I've done it!  The
> reality of it is, is that we've worked so hard to try and become
> scientists, but there are no jobs out there.  I've been looking for a
> job for almost 3 years, and still have come  up with nothing.  I'm
> posted on every job website there is.  The science world is a hard
> one, especially for a marine biologist. I'm willing to move to
> whatever destination there is, with or with out financial help, and
> still I have found nothing. We all just want some help, some hope, and
> some insight.  We have all be trying so hard to find these wonderful
> jobs that everyone talks so much about.  Why not help us in our search
> rather than shun us away.  Would you rather we all give up and forget
> about why we got into this field in the first place? We could all
> remain bartenders, waitresses, and waiters or we could help you all in
> what you have set out to accomplish. So I say, please don't look down
> upon us, rather look at us as yourselves, coming out of college,
> thinking, oh god, what did I get myself into? Is there any future in
> what I have chosen? Is there anyone out there that can help?
> Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about us "resume"
> people. Hopefully it has given you a little insight  as to what we're
> trying to accomplish.  And please, help us to see what we've been
> throught was all worth it.
> Sincerely,
> Cassandra
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