[Coral-List] re: job listings and resumes

germane at nova.edu germane at nova.edu
Tue Dec 13 11:55:58 EST 2005

Hello Everyone, 

I would like make a suggestion for this long drawn out discussion. How about 
allowing like a certain number a month to post their CVs, like maybe 5 and you 
can only post your resume once every 6 months or something. This would provide 
less spam for those who are soo worried about spam and still allow people to 
still be able to post their resume. Then encourage more people to post jobs and 
master and Phd openings on here, so that we have options and dont have to send 
out our resumes over this list email.  

I would also like to say that this on going argument is worse than when the 
Oceanographic Students had an on going argument about religion over the student 

Compromise is Key,
Audrey Germane 

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