[Coral-List] RE: CITES exemption of coral cores?

Anne Creason anne.creason at noaa.gov
Wed Dec 14 13:19:02 EST 2005


If you examine the language of CITES, it does apply to both live and 
dead forms of listed species.  Thus, skeletal samples from listed coral 
species would be subject to CITES authority.  However, there is a 
scientific exemption process; look at the CITES website for more info:  
http://www.cites.org/.  I would contact the U.S. Fish and Wildlife 
Service (the U.S. management authority for CITES) and the Belize 
management authority (Ministry of Natural Resources) to determine if/how 
you qualify for a scientific exemption.  Looks like the exemption for 
Appendix II species (corals) requires the export country's approval in 
the form of an export permit.

Anne Creason
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)


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>   1. RE: CITES exemption of coral cores? (Tomas)
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>Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 09:50:22 -0600
>From: "Tomas" <tcamarena at mbrs.org.bz>
>Subject: RE: [Coral-List] CITES exemption of coral cores?
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>As you should know, any removal of samples from the country of Belize is
>controlled by the Government of Belize with good reason.  If you intend to
>do research of any kind which requires the removal of samples, you must
>apply for a research permit, a petition which would be granted based on the
>merit of the Research Proposal which you submit.  I suggest you contact the
>Fisheries Department of the Government of Belize (species at btl.net).  
>Your concern here should not just be CITES restrictions but the sovereignty
>of the resources of the country from which you intend to remove samples. 
>Any attempt to bypass the authorities on this is not looked upon favourably
>and could greatly complicate your work in the country.  Also, the researcher
>applying for the permit is required to repatriate scientific reports,
>analyses, etc. which are produced based on work in the country.
>Dr. Tomás Camarena
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>Subject: [Coral-List] CITES exemption of coral cores?
>Dear Coral-listers,
>We intend to collect coral cores in Belize and transport them back to the US
>for analysis. We won't be transporting live tissue, so I was under the
>impression that this skeletal matter is exempt from CITES.  However, trying
>to find documentation supporting this is proving to be difficult and I'm
>wondering if skeletal samples from live corals are indeed covered by CITES?
>If they are exempt, does anyone have suggestions as to specific documents I
>can have on hand to show the customs officials?
>Thanks very much,
>Jessica Carilli
>Graduate Student
>Scripps Institution of Oceanography
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