[Coral-List] Thank you and summarized CITES info

Jessica Carilli jcarilli at ucsd.edu
Fri Dec 16 13:17:54 EST 2005

Dear Coral-listers,

Thank you so much for all of your helpful comments responding to my 
request for information about CITES permits.  Because there were some 
conflicting responses, it seemed to me that others may be confused as 
to the correct answers, so I've written up a description of what to do 
in order to import coral samples to the US, which is attached.  It 
includes links to important forms and phone numbers.

I also want to thank Dr. Camarena for pointing out the importance of 
obtaining the correct permits from the country in which you are 
studying.  Several responses I received included stories of people 
illegally collecting specimens for science.  We have spoken with the 
Belize authorities and have recieved a collection permit.  We have also 
spoken with local scientists to create a project that would be helpful 
for the country, and would not simply fulfill our needs.

Thank you,
Jessica Carilli
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