[Coral-List] GBR coral bleaching current conditions report No.1

Gillian Goby G.Goby at gbrmpa.gov.au
Mon Dec 19 23:03:08 EST 2005

Dear Coral-list,

/The Climate Change Response Programme provides regular reports on 
conditions on the Great Barrier Reef throughout summer and publishes 
early warnings of increases in levels of stress or widespread bleaching 
of corals. The first Current Conditions Report for the summer of 2005/06 
is available on the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) 

/*Summary report*
On the basis of current conditions and climate predictions for the 
summer of 2005/06, *the threat of widespread coral bleaching for the 
Great Barrier Reef (GBR) region is currently rated as moderate*. 
Regional sea temperatures currently exceed (1 - 1.5 degrees C) long-term 
December averages, and temperatures at monitoring sites are above those 
expected for this time of year. Additionally, regional sea temperatures 
are either at or have slightly (0.5 degrees C) exceeded expected summer 
maxima. There have been a few minor reports of coral bleaching.

For the full current conditions report please visit the GBRMPA website 
on the link below:

The GBRMPA Coral Bleaching Response Plan has been implemented, and with 
a moderate risk this early in the summer we are relying on reports from 
BleachWatch participants and others to help us detect the early onset 
and extent of any bleaching that might occur.

For more information on climate change or coral bleaching please visit 
the GBRMPA website at:

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