[Coral-List] Acropora hybrid

megan berkle zennnnwoman at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 21 19:21:21 EST 2005

   Hey Everyone:

   I  was snorkelling  in  Tayrona  National Park off of Playa Cristal in
   Colombia.    The  majority  of  corals  nearshore  have 100% morality.
   Offshore  about  100  meters  the  corals had white band disease and I
   believe  purple blotch disease (one I have seen before in Florida).  I
   saw  some  Acropora palmata with Acropora cervicornis branches growing
   out  of  it.   It did not look like A. cervicornis recruits settled on
   top of A. palmata and began to grow.  It looked like maybe genetically
   these two species mixed and formed a sort of hybrid species.   Is this

   Megan Berkle

   Marine Science teacher,  Florida

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