[Coral-List] some post doc opportunities in Japan

Michael Arvedlund arvedlund at speedpost.net
Tue Dec 27 05:46:12 EST 2005

Dear Coral list

I quite often have the impression that far from everybody is aware of
the very well paid two year Japanese post doc grant that are available
each year for most younger researchers, in most industrialised countries
and some developmenting countries: the two year JSPS grants.

 have enjoyed very much being a JSPS post doc in coral reef fish
ecology the last two years in Okinawa, Southern Japan. 

I suggest you to look into being a JSPS post doc. 
You need a host, and there are plenty of opportunities for 
that in coral reef ecology, both regarding fish, coral and other
research areas. 
The salary is better than most others because it is tax free and there 
is some research funding attached to your fellowship each year. 

JSPS has that many grants that there are allocated two year grants for
most industralised countries in the world...

For more information, here is the JSPS link


You also need to find that governmental organisation in your country
takes care of jsps grants for younger researchers each year. 
Good luck, and happy new year. You are always welcome to 
contact me for further information.

cheers, Mike

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