[Coral-List] Surveys in the tsunami area - Burma

Georg Heiss georg.heiss at reefcheck.de
Fri Feb 4 10:14:41 EST 2005

Dear colleagues,

we will also leave soon (Feb 21-March 6)  for an expedition to assess 
tsunami damage on reefs, working area will be the Mergui Archipelago 
in Southern Myanmar (Burma).
We will mainly carry out surveys according to the Reef Check protocol 
(see http://www.reefcheck.org/methods/instructions.asp) as resurveys 
of sites visited in earlier years, but we also would like to 
harmonize our observations of the tsunami damage with other 
Therefore we'd appreciate if you could keep us informed about the 
methods you are using.

This is the already announced annual volunteer expedition in this 
area. Please find more information on this trip at 
http://www.riffe.de/reefcheck/PDF/InfosheetBurma2005.pdf and 
We still have one (maybe two) places free on this cruise. If you are 
interested to join, please contact us asap.

Best regards,

At 6:20 Uhr -0800 04.02.2005, Silvia Pinca wrote:
>Dear colleagues,
>I will be leaving soon with a small group of scientists from the 
>University of Genova to visit the area around west Sumatra to 
>determine the effect of the tsunami on the reefs of the region. Do 
>you have any suggestion on how to best quantify the damage so that 
>it could be compared to other hit areas and how to surely determine 
>differences between dynamite damage (quite common there) vs wave 
>impact damage?
>Thank you for your opinion,
>Silvia Pinca, Ph.D.
>Marine Science Program Coordinator
>College of the Marshall Islands
>P.O. Box 1258, Majuro, MH 96960
>ph. (692)-625-5903
>spinca at nras-conservation.org
>milviapin at yahoo.com

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