[Coral-List] Fellowships for US, Canadian, and SE Asian Post-docs to work in UK

Peter J Mumby P.J.Mumby at exeter.ac.uk
Wed Feb 16 04:33:45 EST 2005

Hi everyone

It's a little late notice but I thought I'd pass this on. The Royal Society
has a fellowship scheme to enable Post-doctoral scientists, at various
stages of their career, to enjoy the delights of British weather at a UK
university for up to 3 years. The fellowship includes relocation fees,
annual salary (moderately generous for UK standards) and an annual research
grant of £12,000. Eligible applicants should be of US, Canadian or SE Asian
nationality and the closing date is 1st March 05.

If anyone's interested, and has a UK collaborator in mind, you'll need to
write a short proposal outlining the collaborative nature with the host (UK)
scientist. Institutions conducting reef research in the UK include the
Universities of Exeter, Newcastle, Bangor, York, Edinburgh and Manchester

Further details are on the website below:



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