[Coral-List] Request for Aiptasia samples

Scott R. Santos santosr at auburn.edu
Wed Feb 16 10:29:04 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

I hope this finds you well.  As part of my research program, I am 
currently conducting a phylogeographic study of the "weedy" sea anemone 
Aiptasia and its algal symbionts (dinoflagellates belonging to the 
genus Symbiodinium).  Currently, I have several hundred individuals 
from around the world, including parts of Okinawa, Hawaii, the Florida 
Keys and the Red Sea.  However, given the wide geographic range of 
Aiptasia, I do not currently have samples from many parts of the world. 
    I would greatly appreciate if you or your research group would be 
willing to send me 20-30 individuals from your geographic area to 
further this study.  If this is possible, please contact me and I will 
pass along information regarding how they can be preserved for genetic 
analyses and shipped with a minimal of effort.

Thank you in advance,

Scott R. Santos

Scott R. Santos
Department of Biological Sciences &
Cell and Molecular Biosciences Peak Program
Auburn University
101 Life Science Building, Rm. 128
Auburn, AL 36849
Tele # (334) 844-7410
Fax # (334) 844-1645
santos at auburn.edu

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