[Coral-List] bleaching in the yasawa islands (FIJI)

Ron Vave s96007966 at student.usp.ac.fj
Sun Feb 20 22:35:57 EST 2005

hello all. I'm here to report on coral bleaching on rocky patches within a bay
in the Yasawa Islands. This was part of a biological survey from the 17th-18th
Feb 2005, have GPS positions BUT no temperature readings. Sorry about that.
Bleaching was noticeable from exposed reef flats down to depths of around 10m.
Acropora digitifera, A. muricata, A. aspera, Goniastrea spp., Symphillia spp.
with around 80-90% of each colony was severely bleached. Pocillopora
darmicornis, P. eydouxi, P. meandrina and P. verrucosa were present and were
not so badly affected by bleaching (less than 10% for each colony). thank you,

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