[Coral-List] re: MPA literature re: voluntary standards and economic valuation

Kathleen A Kelly Kathleen.A.Kelly at noaa.gov
Wed Feb 23 10:14:31 EST 2005

Cheryl Chen,
You asked about MPA literature re: voluntary standards in marine 
recreation, and also for economic valuation of reefs in the Mesoamerican 
Barrier Reef.

I'd recommend searching relevant terms in the keyword field of the MPA 
Virtual Library:

Here are some terms featured on that database's 'keyword browse page' 
(http://www.mpa.gov/virtual_library/keywords_a_c.html) which could be 
copied into the keyword field for searches:
Barrier reefs
local communities
Marine parks and reserves -- Economic aspects
recreation areas
recreational fishing
stakeholder participation
value analysis
(Also, the relevant individual country names can be searched (Mexico, 
Honduras, Guatemala, Belize)

Some relevant citations in the MPA Library which include discussion of 
voluntary approaches include:
Jones, P. J. S., "Marine nature reserves in Britain: past lessons, 
current status and future issues", Marine Policy 23, 4-5 (1999): 375-396.

Gubbay, Susan, Marine Protected Areas: Principles and Techniques for 
Management. London: Chapman and Hall, 1995.

Some citations re: Mesoamerican reef system, which might merit 
examination for voluntary standards/value analysis info:

Carter, J., J. Gibson and A. Carr, "Creation of the Hol Chan Marine 
Reserve in Belize: a grass-roots approach to barrier reef conservation", 
Environmental Professional 16, 3 (1994): 220-231.

Reveles Gonzalez, B., and Tomas Luhrssemarnat Camarena, "La reserva de 
la biosfera banco chinchorro" Proceedings of the Fifty-Fourth Annual 
Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute, November 2001, Providenciales, 
Turks and Caicos Islands. Fort Pierce, Florida: Gulf and Caribbean 
Fisheries Institute, 2003. (pp762-779).
(Note: Scroll to the 34th page of the PDF image file to view this paper.)

Re: voluntary standards, one might also browse the "Organizations and 
Institutions - Nongovernmental" page on the MPA web site:

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