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Thu Feb 24 16:22:57 EST 2005

Hello fellow scientists and coral listers,

I am a senior at the University of Rhode Island and will be graduating with a 
B.S. in Marine Biology in May. I have scoured the internet in an attempt to 
find a worthwhile and relevant internship or job for the summer, or 
potentially a long-term job if I fail to get accepted to graduate school. I 
have prior independent research experience, have studied abroad in Australia 
and my main interests are in the realm of coral reef ecology, biology, and 
behavior of reef fishes. If anyone has suggestions as to options I might look 
into any ideas are welcome! Thanks to everyone for reading and contemplating 
this email!

Heather Leba

>===== Original Message From Geoff Cook <geoffreymcook at yahoo.com> =====
>Fellow Listers,
>I am attempting to compile information on the natural history and marine 
ecosystems of Kealakekua Bay, Kona Coast, Hawai'i.  I would greatly appreciate 
any bibliographical information you might have to offer related to these 
>Sincerest Aloha,
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