[Coral-List] Vibrio and Yellow Blotch/Band

James M Cervino cnidaria at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 1 10:16:15 EST 2005

Dear Coral Listers,

I have been getting requests for the Vibrio, temperature and YBD 
paper published in Applied and Env Microb.  Please e-mail me directly 
if you are interested in obtaining a copy of this paper.

Best wishes and happy holidays!

APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY, Nov. 2004, p. 6855-6864 Vol. 70, No. 11

Relationship of Vibrio Species Infection and Elevated Temperatures to 
Yellow Blotch/Band Disease in Caribbean Corals

James M. Cervino,1* Raymond L. Hayes,2 Shawn W. Polson,3 Sara C. 
Polson,3 Thomas J. Goreau,4 Robert J. Martinez,5 and Garriet W. Smith6

University of South Carolina, Columbia,1 Hollings Marine Laboratory, 
Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston,3
and University of South Carolina, Aiken,6 South Carolina; Howard 
University, Washington, District of Columbia2;
Global Coral Reef Alliance, Cambridge, Massachusetts4; and Georgia 
Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia5
James M. Cervino, Ph.D. Candidate
Invertebrate Physiology & Pathology
Marine Sciences Department
University of South Carolina
Mobile: 917.620.5287
cnidaria at earthlink.net

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