[Coral-List] Setting up structures of support

Sherry Hudson shudson at pathcom.com
Sun Jan 2 14:25:03 EST 2005

As I have watched various reports come in from the recent earthquake I have
been impressed to see the response of the human aid networks that are
mobilizing resources in the area and I am lead to wonder if there is a way
that we could create a support network for our colleagues in marine research
and conservation.  This note is being forwarded to the Sea Turtle, Coral and
Marine Mammal research listservs and I wonder if it is possible to set up an
joint effort to support our friends in the areas impacted by this disaster.

  Ideas that have crossed my mind include

  Creating a central fund that we could raise money for that would be
targetted at supporting our colleagues and helping to rebuild the
infrastuctures in this region.  In order to accomplish this I expect that a
small group should be struck to work out some of the details (who should
host, how the money should be administered and disseminated).  I'm not sure
who can or should take leadership in this effort but I am willing to invest
time in whatever way makes sense.

  Setting up a web site that could record needs for volunteers, supplies and
resources so that individuals or organizations could know specifically what
would help the effort.  Is there anyone out there would would be willing to
develop such a site?

  If these structures could be put in place I would be willing to circulate
an email to friends and colleagues of mine recruiting their support to the
effort and to make some phone calls to complete strangers to try and gather
support and resources.  I also offer a challenge to everyone on these
listserves to do the same...or better.

  Sherry Hudson


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