[Coral-List] Setting up structures of support

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Mon Jan 3 20:44:45 EST 2005

Okay, here's an example mock-up of what the index page might look like 
for a marine laboratory support page, which sort of explains what I was 
saying.  This is just a snapshot image and not a real site:


Sorry if the image is too small (I hope you can enlarge it if 
necessary).  I'm just trying to move things along with this "discovery 
prototype" and am not really in a position to start working up a major 
page.  (The top background image is captured from the real Tsunami at 
Phuket.)  This index.html page shows that a linking page for a calendar 
of events could be utilized, as well as photos of the laboratories in 
question (or what's left of them).  Also note the mock-up of the 
Donation button I mentioned.  I could send you the code, if you're 
interested--I just put it together in a hurry using SiteBuilder.

I hope this helps!


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